M.I.A has defended her decision to wear the kit, claiming it was in support for victims of the Paris terror attacks in November.

PSG claim that by wearing the jersey, on which the sponsor’s name has been changed from (Dubai-based airline) “Fly Emirates” to “Fly Pirates”, M.I.A has acted with “economic prejudice” and “image prejudice” towards the club.

PSG claim that by wearing the jersey, on which the sponsor's name has been changed from (Dubai-based airline) "Fly Emirates" to "Fly Pirates", M.I.A has acted with "economic prejudice" and "image prejudice" towards the club.

“By causing us an image prejudice, you have unduly taken advantage from the considerable reputation of our club,” reads the letter.

“Your actions are thus the source of both an economic prejudice and an image prejudice for which you may be held liable under Article 1382 of the French civil code.”

M.I.A / YouTube / Via youtube.com

The club requested that M.I.A “cease the broadcast of images on any media which show the Paris Saint-Germain jersey” within 24 hours of the letter being received.

But with the letter clearly stamped as being received on 21 December 2015, their request has not been met by M.I.A or her management.

The letter ends with the suggestion that PSG could pursue legal action against M.I.A in the event that their request isn’t met:

“We reserve the right to seek all remedies available to law to compensate the prejudice already suffered and that to come, and we reserve the right to start any procedure, including judicial ones, if needs be, to protect our interests.”


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