Do you suffer from Ugly Bathroom Disorder? Symptoms may be mild or severe, ranging from nicknames your friends give your bathroom to the pained expression on the face of your chic mother-in-law every time she visits. Do You have the 1960s lava-rock-motif bathroom and a hippie bathroom. THE BEACH 96.5 and R & R of South Texas wants to HELP with the UGLIST BATHROOM CONTEST _ Entries will be accepted on Facebook / website between May 17th and June 15,. To enter, homeowners need to give their entry a title (if their friends and family haven’t already done so.) Entrants must also answer two questions and write an essay in under 100 words about what makes their bathroom so ugly and how such a masterpiece ended up in their home. Finally, a minimum of two images with titles and captions must be uploaded.
The winner will be selected through a public voting period taking place between May 20 th and June 15th with one vote per person. The winner, in all his or her ugly bathroom glory, will be announced on the THE BEACH 96.5 Radio on JUN16th The winner’s bathroom project must be completed in July or August .


Official Rules for Station Contest

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